30 November 2010

My little find at the Store

Last night I went to the local grocery store to pick up a few things for the week and I ended up going to where the magazines were.  I often check out the different beading magazines and I'm not sure why but I hope that for some little miracle theres a polymer clay magazine... but there never is... so I settle in on checking out those beading magazines.

I ended up picking up a magazine with some very awesome ideas and I'm hoping to get a few of these on the go for Christmas gifts.  I know, I've got a lot to do already if I plan on getting things done, but I am just excited!

Best of Bead Style was a little gem in the beading magazines this month and there are as it says in the title 64 projects to look at and make your very own.  I've got a couple that look like they wouldn't be to hard - and I really like that the layout makes it easy for those of us who aren't trained in jewelery making to be able to follow and understand.  LOVE IT.  So I'm planning this weekend to take a bit of time and try one or two projects and see how they turn out.

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