20 August 2012

Almost Good Enough to Eat

Combining ideas into one sweet treat of a necklace a la Fulgorine and Lisa Palveka and the Sutton Slice.  I really enjoyed putting it together and had a couple of people say that it looked like a cookie....lol.

It was a fun donut focal bead to make.  Three cheers to the sutton slice!

23 June 2012

Not just another pretty face

I have to say after making the first little face I was hooked.  I put this little creation together last night after I was off work.  I have a few other ideas perking in my brain on what to do next as well as put something together for Illustration Friday... this week's theme is "Space" - so I am thinking of something I can put together on a tile.  I think I just like the idea of putting those little people in costumes that come from some back lit place in my brain and I just run with it.  No roadmap - just a lot of fun.

Another little person I created. I wasn't really sure where
the head dress came from...sort of medusa like.

I really am finding that creating these little
images is super addictive and I've got about a
few other ideas to add to this collection I'm growing.

22 June 2012

A little woman tile

I received some absolutely fabulous faces from a purchase I made on Etsy...  I was feeling in the mood to create a tile - and this is what I came up with.  I'm really quite pleased with this first attempt!

10 June 2012

An Etsy Addiction

Over the past couple of weeks I've been looking through Etsy for some deals on items I had wanted to pick up but couldn't find them in places like Michaels.  I have to say that this is becoming a bit of an addiction - I can find ring bases, necklace bezels, Washi tape (darn it!), molds for my polymer clay and silly cute Kawaii items.

My addiction is starting to cause me to re-think things.  I'm spending money and I've yet to make any form of income through my polymer clay work.

I think I need to step it up, start using what I've bought and open my shop.  See if I can sell anything :P

22 May 2012

Woman of the Sea

I have just been enjoying making some characters in the past few days and I just enjoyed the fact that I can make them, they don't have to look a certain way - they're just mine.  It's been a nice break from doing housework!

Please bare with mne as I try to figure out how
to use wire with my polymer clay!

I added tin foil to the wire for filler.  I figured
this was the best way to do it so the little
character I was making didn't end up weighing
300 pounds :)

My little starfish... I loved how it turned out!

My little characters skirt... not at all typical

She's slowly coming together, skirt in place
and then I put together her arms and upper body.
I wanted her top to look like rolling seaweed
strands with little pearls.

All together at last.  I added some acrylic paint
to give her a more earthy look.  I also removed
the tin foil from her head - too bumpy to
use tin foil, so I just used the clay.

I really like how she turned out, being this
is the first time I've ever attempted something
like this :)

I added some knitting yarn to her for hair
and to give a bit more va va voom.  I think
she needs a bit more hair to fill things out.
I was really pleased with my little Woman of the Sea. First time I'd ever done something like this before and for a first attempt I'm really happy with the outcome :)  I think all she needs now is a bit more yarn for her hair to fill it out a bit more, but I'm really happy about it.

I've got a couple of books on making polymer clay characters and since I'm in the mood ot make more... I think I'll give those books a go and see where it takes me.  It should be interesting to try to follow step by step rather than the last couple of projects I've put together where it's all been done rather willy-nilly out of my head.

17 May 2012

Three Lovely Ladies

Last night I just felt that I had to start making something.  I though I might make some charms, buttons.... not quite... I made three lovely ladies.  I just felt like creating a little characters - it was going to be a full body but at the end I just felt they looked better as is.  I think that creating more of these are in order, bigger - with a full body.  I'm excited!

Three Lovely Ladies who were absolutely so much fun
to make.  I was able to use my new cutters and some mica
for a little sparkle on the woman in yellow.

I created some fun hair on the woman in green from some
embrodery thread I had in my cupboard.  I just wanted a
funky look

Three Lovely Ladies hanging on my wall
 I made the three lovely ladies smaller than I had originally intended, as this was a first attempt.  I found that two of the ladies became headless after the baking process, so I had to add extra clay to the back and add some liquid clay to bond the heads to the bodies again.  Next time I'll do a bit more blending of the head/neck so it doesn't happen again.  I'll also re-inforce it with a bit of wiring.

I really enjoyed putting them together :)

01 May 2012

A serious case of being all over the place

I seriously have a case of being all over the place lately.  I feel like I've got a million and one things I'd like to do and pretty much make myself no time to do it.  It was a very weird feeling... I don't know if it's because I got some awesome books from Amazon... or my trip to Michaels today.  It was and is just an overload of what do I want to do... and what do I want to do with it - I'd like to start selling the things I start making because I've been spending a lot of money and not really making anything with it.  I seriously need to stop buying things for a while... lol... but it's so much fun.  Ah well - let's just call it retail therapy.

With my little adventure in shopping at Amazon I picked these books up when I went shopping with some Christmas gift certificate money I had still floating around.  I have to say these books are very inspiring!  Also, not too bad to understand as well which is handy because I'm still learning :)

So now I have to figure out what it is that I would like to do... do I go into doing some buttons... do I go into making some sculptures, buttons, designs.... aahhhhh. See this is where I end up going - in so many directions that I end up not doing anything. SIGH!


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