17 May 2012

Three Lovely Ladies

Last night I just felt that I had to start making something.  I though I might make some charms, buttons.... not quite... I made three lovely ladies.  I just felt like creating a little characters - it was going to be a full body but at the end I just felt they looked better as is.  I think that creating more of these are in order, bigger - with a full body.  I'm excited!

Three Lovely Ladies who were absolutely so much fun
to make.  I was able to use my new cutters and some mica
for a little sparkle on the woman in yellow.

I created some fun hair on the woman in green from some
embrodery thread I had in my cupboard.  I just wanted a
funky look

Three Lovely Ladies hanging on my wall
 I made the three lovely ladies smaller than I had originally intended, as this was a first attempt.  I found that two of the ladies became headless after the baking process, so I had to add extra clay to the back and add some liquid clay to bond the heads to the bodies again.  Next time I'll do a bit more blending of the head/neck so it doesn't happen again.  I'll also re-inforce it with a bit of wiring.

I really enjoyed putting them together :)

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