01 May 2012

A serious case of being all over the place

I seriously have a case of being all over the place lately.  I feel like I've got a million and one things I'd like to do and pretty much make myself no time to do it.  It was a very weird feeling... I don't know if it's because I got some awesome books from Amazon... or my trip to Michaels today.  It was and is just an overload of what do I want to do... and what do I want to do with it - I'd like to start selling the things I start making because I've been spending a lot of money and not really making anything with it.  I seriously need to stop buying things for a while... lol... but it's so much fun.  Ah well - let's just call it retail therapy.

With my little adventure in shopping at Amazon I picked these books up when I went shopping with some Christmas gift certificate money I had still floating around.  I have to say these books are very inspiring!  Also, not too bad to understand as well which is handy because I'm still learning :)

So now I have to figure out what it is that I would like to do... do I go into doing some buttons... do I go into making some sculptures, buttons, designs.... aahhhhh. See this is where I end up going - in so many directions that I end up not doing anything. SIGH!

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