23 June 2012

Not just another pretty face

I have to say after making the first little face I was hooked.  I put this little creation together last night after I was off work.  I have a few other ideas perking in my brain on what to do next as well as put something together for Illustration Friday... this week's theme is "Space" - so I am thinking of something I can put together on a tile.  I think I just like the idea of putting those little people in costumes that come from some back lit place in my brain and I just run with it.  No roadmap - just a lot of fun.

Another little person I created. I wasn't really sure where
the head dress came from...sort of medusa like.

I really am finding that creating these little
images is super addictive and I've got about a
few other ideas to add to this collection I'm growing.

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