03 November 2010

Cute Polymer Clay Goth Couple Part II

As it goes a Cute Polymer Clay Goth Couple ... isn't a couple until I created the little goth guy.  So I spent last night working on him and here's how it went!

Slowly he's coming together, I put together the body and made
a little vest and jacket lapels... not too shabby!

An over the top view of my attempt at hair....

My little Goth Guy with bowtie and nifty hat

It may not look like it but on his little hat I put two black
hearts to match the look of the little Goth Girl
When I put the little Goth Guy together I didn't even really think how he would look beside the little Goth Girl.  I didn't really look at how big (or how little) he would be next to her... maybe not the best way to put the two together but at the end they actually look pretty darn good together if I do say so myself!

... So happy together!

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