20 November 2010

A Shadow Box with a little Name

With the new arrival of my nephew in a few weeks I figured I should make something for my brother and his wife for the upcoming arrival.  Now I'm really hoping that they stick with the name... since it fits pretty darn nicely in the shadow box I picked up.

I think I must have spent about 4 hours working on this little project and I have to say for the first time I went with a combination of Fimo clay and Premo clay... I'm not sure I'm loving the new Preemo clay I picked up.  Not as easy to get soft... and it really took a while to make it maliable... and my hands hurt!   But this was the only white soft clay available at Michaels when I stopped in there today.  I think it's really the season of Christmas knick-knack making because there sure wasn't much in the way of clays.  Which sucks because I was hoping to pick some more up... but really stuck with only a few, as I had to delve into the world of Premo and I didn't really know what that clay was like.

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