21 November 2010

Santas, Santas and more Santas

 Well with my new cutting board to use to make my little creations on, I decided to start with some Santas since it's getting closer to Christmas.  I had debated on how many to make and what they might be used for.  Do I create a little Santa character, do I make some charms, do I make some jewelery?  I wasn't too sure, but yesterday I had picked up some earring backs and figured they'd be cute and maybe someone might want to wear them. 

I decided to give it a whirl...

Starting out with my clays for my Santas
I decided I should make them pretty small... but with the detail I planned on giving the Santas I couldn't get too small.  It was a bit of a toss up now as to what I wanted to do, but I decided to stick with earrings.
Santas faces are coming together... slowly!

Now a little personality... faces are done

Here's the completed pair.... HO HO HO

Excuse the dirty finger nails...so full of clay!  But these are
the backs I picked up at Michaels on Friday and I figure
I'll make a pair of earrings and see how they fit on the ear.

After making the Santas... they may be a bit big, as I wanted them to fit well on my daughter's ears. I'll let her try them on and see how she likes them.  If they're good to go I'll put the backs on the other 2 sets I have and she can give them away at Christmas time to her friends if she wants.  I really enjoyed making them... I wonder what I should try next???

** Update **

I had added the earring backs to the Santas last night and now the glue is dry... here's what they look like when I put them one.

Don't look too bad...eh!

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