21 November 2010

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Yup, I'm crazy.  After making the Santas I kicked it up a knotch and decided to try making some Christmas Trees.  They are made out of Fimo Polymer Clay and I added some little sparkly beads to give it a little sizzle.   They aren't too big, they can be placed on a mantel or a Christmas tree... the choice would be yours to make.  But I thought they were fun... my only worry when I was making them was if I would have enough clay.  Luckily I had both a plain red and an "effect" red that had the sparkles in it.  So I tried one tree of each. 

Here's how they turned out...

I rolled them out... it took about 3 rows of the Fimo Clay to get
my trees to the right size.  I honestly thought it would take
more clay to get the desired look... happy it didn't!

My two trees are ready to be decorated!

My completed little trees.  One with just swirled white Fimo
clay and the other with dots of Fimo and my little jewels
for that added "OH LA LA"
I have to say that I am really happy with the way the little trees turned out.  Now just to add a ribbon on the top so that they can be added a  Christmas ornament... or not, depending on what you want to do with the little ornaments. 

Having just taken the Christmas tree ornaments out of the oven.. I don't recommend baking them with the jewels.  Even though it's a low temperature, it still make the jewels cloudy and they fell off.  So I put some new ones back on with a bit of glue and they look pretty fab-oosh!

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