15 November 2010

Monday Madness: Christmas

I'm on the lookout for great Christmas Ideas this year and thought I'd give Christmas ornaments a whirl since I'm really enjoying working with Polymer Clay.  There are so many wonderful designs and creative ideas... like how about a polymer clay character hanging onto a christmas bulb ornament or a little quirky scull and crossbones.... with holly to a Manetee with Candy Canes!  I just really enjoyed going through Etsy and checking out everyone's creativity and makes me want to get creating!

Here's a bit more about the pictures above... going left to right, row by row.
I'm not quite sure what I'm going to be making for Christmas this year, but I'm hoping to get enough time to do something homemade... for the first time since I was little.  I don't know what it is about thinking about creating something, setting your mind to it, molding the clay to how you want it to look, cooking it, and then the finishing touches of paint and gloss... it really gets me excited.  Maybe it's the creativity of it all.  Anyway... I hope you enjoy the picks I made today and it inspires you to create your own little characters and ornaments.

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