01 December 2010

You would buy my stuff... REALLY?

One of my co-workers the other day saw me flipping through my bead magazine and mentioned that if I ever thought of making something from the magazine she'd buy it.  Even before I'd made anything... she would by one. 

I was sort of surprised... she's really nice mind you, but I was wondering if maybe sometime I might.... should...maybe....sell some of my bits and bobs that I've created.  I mean I'm still SO into the learning phase, but maybe someone would like to buy a pair of Santa earrings or maybe something I create from my bead magazine.  I don't know, but it was a really nice feeling to think that someone would like to buy something from me.... and I'd not created anything yet!

Yup... they are pretty cute!
With Christmas looming on the horizon I'm wondering if I'll have enough time to get everything done that I'd love to do.  Make some more Fimo clay Christmas Trees, Earrings, Jewelery.... it goes on and on for me.  I'm going to make a little list of what I'd like to do and get crack-a-lackin' :)

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