05 December 2010

Flowering Field of Flowers

So this morning I tested out my new pasta maker to see if I could make a great looking tile background.  I wasn't sure if I were to run the colours through the pasta maker if it would stretch to the point where I couldn't use it and it would end up being wasted clay... and well I figured I'd try rolling the different colours of clay individually and then cut them together and joint them by blending the clay joints together with my fingers.  I think it started to come together quite well.   From there I debated on what I would put on the background as it looked as great place for a sheep or two.  But I ended up going with flowers.

I thought I would try building a very simple cane of polymer clay to make some funky flowers, because I had thought of having gold trim around the white of the flower and how would I accomplish that best... I thought a cane would do it.

Here's how the process went:

Putting together the layers of polymer clay.  Wasn't
quite sure how to put in the curves of the hills, but
found if I overlapped the fimo clay and then cut
it, it put together a nice flow and then smoothed the
layers together with my fingers.

The background is complete!  It is about 10x10cm

My attempt at my first polymer clay can ever.  It started
to come together quite well.  I went with a black
middle, white around it, then some red and white then
surrounded by more white and then gold.

The finished polymer clay cane.  Looks like a big
shiny cigar.  I stuck it in the freezer for about 10 minutes
so it was easier to cut and would stop the clays from
bleeding together when I cut it.
The finished product... pretty flowers
I have to say I really enjoyed putting the flowers and blades of grass on the background... really enjoyed putting the grass on there.  I found out that my glittery white, wasn't so glittery and more transparent which made the flowers look a bit funky.  So I know if I'm going to do it again, no glittery white effects Fimo, and just plain white Fimo is in order.  But for a first attempt at flowers, I'm pretty pleased and I've got a few more ideas I'd like to try and see how it goes.

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