21 December 2010

I just felt like making a necklace

I was thinking of making a necklace today after picking up the the necklace magazine a while ago.  I wasn't really sure what I might make as those beautiful necklaces had beads that I didn't have in my collection, but I figured I could try altering what I really liked to work with the beads I had.

My design was going to involve 3 strings of beads.  I wanted to encorporate some jump rings and metal so it wasn't going to be all about beads.  I wanted to break up the design a bit.  So I started to put it together:

This was the start of my first string, then I picked it up and dropped
one of the ends and ALL my beads went all over the floor.
So I ended up trying to put it back together and I ended up altering
the way I put the beads together, nothing too much but it ended
up being a bit different than the one I had here.

... second attempt at my first string of beads. SIGH!

First string is done... and I didn't drop it!

Here is where I put together my second string of beads.
I've included in this one a bit more metal and jump rings just to
spice up the look a bit and not to overwhelem the eye with
beads.  I love jump rings... since I've started to use them...LOVE THEM!

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

The end result.  I put it on and I liked how it looked.  I also
like the fact that I can twist it a bit more and tighten up the
look or keep it a bit loose like it is and then it gives a bit
more eye candy to enjoy.  I like how it turned out :)
I just really enjoyed working on this project, it was a nice change from my polymer clay and I now have some very sore finger tips from bending those jump rings... even with the plyers my hands take a beating.  But at the end of the day when I can make something like this, it doesn't matter.  Now I'm wondering if my Mum would enjoy it for a Christmas Present?  I myself am not a big jewelery wearer.  I really like making it, just not into wearing it.... and that may have something to do with not wanting to draw attention to myself.  LOL.  I should wear what I create, nothing more awesome than when someone takes notice and says how nice it is... and then I can say I made it!  LOL.  SiGh... see I just need to get myself something pretty to wear in these colours and go out on the town.  Maybe tomorrow I'll make a pair of earrings to go with it, or even a bracelet.

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