19 December 2010

Christmas Cheer

Since I've been somewhat procrastinating over doing anything for Christmas I spent some time this weekend making a set of Christmas girls.  Now that I think about it, I should have made them with wings.  Cute little snow angels.  But I didn't think of it before I baked them, so their almost like under dressed Carolers... ah well.

I put the girls in the oven to bake and waited the usual 30 minutes and took them out.  Unfortunatley one of the girls had a mishap and instead of losing her mind, completely lost her head.

This girl has completely lost her head!
I tried to put the pin back into her head, but the clay was too hard unfortunatly so I have put her together with some glue.  Hopefully it's enough to keep her head attached so we can enjoy the pair this Christmas.

...after just gluing her head back on and fingers crossed
once the glue drys that she'll be good to go this
holiday season to enjoy.

I also managed to make some Christmas Tree ornaments in green and added them for a little decorative va-va-voom.  I've got some little stars I plan on attaching to the hoop at the top of the tree just to make them a bit different and fun.  Here's a pic of them, minus the stars that I plan on adding.

Christmas Tree Ornaments and my two little Christmas Girls.

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