10 December 2010

Polymer Clay Roses

Since I know how to roll my clay so I can make some cute looking roses I thought I'd take a look around Youtube to see if there were any videos available that would show me how to make a more realisitic rose because I thought I could start to use them in some of my designs. 

This video actually is quite good and got me going in the right direction.  Now it took me probably an hour to make these roses below and if you look it's not exactly a lot... so it sounds kind of sad really, but for a first attempt I think I did pretty well :)  I just found as I was making the roses they were so small that they became mis-shaped rather easily and I found that when I was making them if I wasn't careful as to where I put the new petals it looked... wrong.  So I smooshed it together and started all over again... so that in all took me about an hour.
I really enjoyed trying to make these, even though it took me
about an hour to make them... not so easy when they're
that small!  Now where to add them - jewelery or a little
clay character... decisions, decisions!

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