05 December 2010

One Sexy Pasta Maker

... and now the magic can start!
Pretty sexy isn't it!  After a trip into town I am now the proud owner of a pasta maker. All new and shiny and now I've got to figure out how to make some interesting clay colour combinations with it.  It's also so nice because now my clay should have a consistant... consistancy :)

On this machine setting #1 gives a nice thickness which I think will work well for the backing of my wall project that I hope to get started today. 

The other settings look good, but I probably wouldn't go further than a #4 setting on this thing as I'd have to make the clay quite thin to make it into anything further. 
It also comes with two other settings that I haven't tried out yet but it looks like I could make some pretty interesting spagetti out of my Polymer clay.  Which actually might come in handy when I have some designs that need consistancy in the way they're cut.  I haven't figured out quite yet... but who knows... and that's what is fun about it.  Endless possibilities!

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