06 January 2011


I decided to get back into the Polymer Clay Cookbook that I'd picked up a while ago and try my hand at making another little food treat.  This time it was Pretzels!  I think they look pretty good for a first attempt... although I think I have to look for a more brown type of finish to it...not bad but maybe a bit more "cooked" looking may not be a bad thing....

Mmm... Pretzel Charms!
I added some "salt" (small white bits of clay) to them after this shot and I do have to say for a first time it was a pretty good turn out.  I think I'm going to try a bracelet with hotdogs, pretzels, pop, and maybe some other similar foods.  We'll see.
What I'd like to do next is try to make a polymer clay cane.  I have the instructions on how to make an orange cane in the Polymer Clay Cookbook... and I've seen some YouTube videos on it.  I even came across Angie Scarr's website and she has a good little tutorial on how to make some very realistic miniature oranges too.  Now I'm really looking forward for those books I'd ordered to come in, since a couple are by her!

On a completely other note... and totally off topic, I take my pictures with my iPhone 4.  The other day I bought an app called Hipstamatic, which has different old film types and lenses to choose from... and here is the results... old school baby with a gratuituous shot of my cat.

Going Ol' School on this pic of my kitty

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