31 January 2011

Bits and Bobs from around the Stratosphere

Mmmm... you look tasty... nom, nom, nom
I've been working on some little dragon-monster looking little cuties this past week.  They were such a hit at my daughter's school, that she ended up making some and handing them out to her friends.  She's gotten so into the clay, that she went an bought some of her own so she wouldn't be getting not what I have for clay.  Very cute... very fun for both of us.

I also so some pictures of little miniature Japanese figurines, so I decided to make my own with some left over clay I had.

I had seen these little Japanese looking girl figurines and decided
to make my own, entirely out of polymer clay... no paint
I enjoyed putting her together.  In a way I'm finding my fun in making these little characters and figurines more so than anything else lately.  I've been looking through Etsy and checking out my favourite blogs on clay and jewelery and loving everyone's creativity, but I'm still trying to find my own little niche.

Also I was thinking about how I might be able to take my love of clay and make it into my own little store/business.  I would be creating one of a kinds (OOAK... see I found out what that meant... finally!) and then selling them on a site like Etsy, maybe get a PayPal account and set up a little site of my own to showcase what I do and sell directly.  I've been reading Itty Biz and really enjoying Naomi's marketing tips and I have always enjoyed her writing style... it's no bullshit.  So refreshing!  LOL.

Totally fun to make, but her little beads on her sleeve fell off...darn it.

I'm thinking for February I might do something like 28 days of love.  Everyday I'll make a little bead/charm and show it here.  It's pretty ambitious for me, since I'm so hit or miss with what I can get done during the week, but it might be just the challenge I need to keep inspired and set in motion my little online shop.

If nothing else... it will be a bit of time to be creative and have fun :)

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