09 January 2011

Hurray... I found out how to make a Skinner Blend

For the life of me I could not figure out how to make a proper Skinner Blend.  I've tried a couple of times, and each time they've turned out as just one colour, not that nice blended colour it's suppose to be.  I didn't take an pictures of my dismal FAIL on the skinner blend, but I found a really awesome site called CraftEdu.  It's got loads of great tutorials ... for a price.  I know getting into a craft can be a bit expensive, and it might get just a bit more with the variety of projects available here for Polymer Clay.  They even have a really good selection of bead jewelery lessons as well.

I found a free tutorial by Donna Kato on how to make a skinner blend.  I have to say now that I've seen the video on how to make one... it makes a bit more sense as to why my colours just ended up being just one colour instead of the blended.  I wasn't overlapping my clays.  Every other tutorial I'd read online had pictures, but I totally gapped that they had to overlap until I saw Donna's FREE (I'm all about the free things!) video on how to make a Skinner Blend.  The link is here: CraftEdu - How to make a Skinner Blend.  Donna has another free tutorial on how to make a Skinner Blend Bullseye Blend too is very good as well, since I'm still trying to figure out how to make clays blend and the last couple of attemps have been more than a bit frustrating.

I've also found myself rather frustrated over making a Strawberry Cane.  I did eventually find a pretty good tutorial on making a Strawberry Cane and a Kiwi Cane, this one isn't in English but with the pictures I don't think you need it to be to be able to make one.

I'm still waiting on my books from Amazon and I hope they'll be here by the end of the Week so I can get started on making some miniatures and maybe take a course or two from the CraftEdu site, I saw some fun rings that Donna Kato had made from some of the Skinner blends that she had put together that look pretty fun.... along with a million other things to add to my "Polymer Clay Bucket List".

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