02 February 2011

A Charming Day Two

I have to say when I'm making these little charms, I thought I'd have a ton of ideas.  Seriously.... so much out there that represents love that I was sure I'd have great ideas about making these little charms.  Not, so, much.  I've come up with 5 so far and I'm grasping for other ideas that were to roll with the them of love.  'Tis the month of love, right?

Well I decided to try my hand a Cupid... then after I'd baked it... realized I missed putting wings on the little fella.  So here's the one I've made (minus the wings).  This may give me yet another opportunity to make a nother little winged Cupid charm!

I also wasn't overly happy with the way the little fella's hair turned out, but maybe I'm being to critical.  I think I'll try to change it up a bit on the next little cupid I make.

Little Cupid... missing his wings... duh! :P

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