05 February 2011

A Charming Day Five

A little bouquet of roses
This charm I ran with romance and what someone would get for their special someone on Valentine's Day.  In the process so far, I cannot find my little heart cutter... so I'm still a bit frantic about searching for it.  Not exactly a good time to lose it!

I'm also thinking I'm going to have to try putting my pictures in a better lighting setup.  Right now all my pictures have a bit of a yellow hue.  So I think if I ever do plan on selling these charms I'll have to take new pictures in better lighting so the true colours show up.  But I think that's still a ways a way yet.  I have to come up with some charms to fill the store... so far I have 5.  Not enough... yet.  I'm hoping by the end of the 28 days I'll have 28 charms and I'll open my Etsy shop on March 1st.

There's my second goal... March 1st.... open my Etsy shop :)

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