15 April 2011

A weekend of beads

Since getting my butt in gear to get myself a domain name, hosting and a WordPress theme for a jewelry site.... I then went and got my Etsy store created and added some graphics.  Now this is where I've been sitting for the last week.  Almost done, kind of.  I've found the theme I've purchased to be a bit of a challenge.  Not in "it's impossible" sort of way... it's just a freakin' slog to get  through with the setup.  Once it's done it will be awesome - I'm just the type of girl who wants all the hard bits done... now.

This past weekend my hunny made some beads for me for the jewelry site and I did some as well.  I really feel though as I'm making my beads that my creativity is put under the microscope.  It's like I want perfection, even though that doesn't necessarily have to be.  I just don't want them looking like crap and then no one likes them or buys any of them to add to their jewelery designs.

OHHHH the pressure.  I'm thinking that tomorrow I'm going to try carving into some polymer clay and the bake it and see if I can create a sort of mold that I can use for my beads and then then try painting them to give them a worn/old look.  All of that is new to me and I made an awesomely craptastic bead earlier this evening that I can't even bring to taking a picture of and showing you... it was THAT BAD!  LOL.

Ah well, I'm hoping to have a few more beads done this weekend and then make the brave leap into the world of Etsy.

Pretty Red beads

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