29 July 2011

Taking a moment

I've been away... and totally not claying or being remotely creative over the past little while.  I think with the pressure of work, family and my "studio" being the kitchen table, my ability to get anything remotely creative accomplished has been lackluster to say the least.  Also my computer is continually conking out on me and it's been a pain in the butt.

I have to say that I did manage to get some crafting retail therapy in over the weekend... I was so pleased with myself.  I took the family to Michaels and had a blast - I bought enough clay to last me quite some time and it was even more awesome by the fact that the clay was 50% off!  Holla!  I bought a few more things at the store, stamps, pearl luster (I see it around... had no idea I would find it in the stamping area... gah!), and I stopped by Chapters to pickup a Moleskin book for my drawings and "creative" moments that I felt I should write down.  I also stopped by Staples to pick up some watercolour pens.  Ohhhh.. I'm all ready to get my creative on.  I've just got to find the time to myself to do it (which is WAY easier said than done).

So seeking a little inspiration as to what to put in my Moleskin book.... to put into effect with clay I decided to stop by Illustration Friday.... which this week had the word: "perennial".  Now my mind goes straight for flowers... but I wanted something different and I went through what others had come up with for the word and for the life of me, that word Perennial... gave me ziltch for inspiration.  I'm hoping that this Friday will give me something more to work with because I was an empty empty woman when it came to being inspired by this week's word.

This past week I've been looking online for some ideas, inspiration and just an opportunity to be uninhibited and just enjoy creating.  I stopped by Fun Clay and they had some "how to's" on creating little characters.  I gave a whirl to the bird... and enjoyed it so much I made two!

Crazy little birds... I had fun making them

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