06 March 2011

Missing in Action

Yeah, I'm not exactly sure where all the time went but before I knew it February was over and I'm rolling through March already.  What just happened???  LOL.

As you can tell my 28 days of charms didn't get very far... 12 days... hmmm.  I realized that I just am not working that well under that kind of pressure... haha.  Well, it's self imposed but you know I did manage to do a few things while away from this blog.

My first little adventure was to make some homemade lasagna and I have to say that I really enjoyed making it.  Its from a recipe my Mum gave me and it reminds me every time I have it of her and Christmas time... it just seemed that it was that time of year that she would make it and it was so yummy ... and it never seemed to be enough.

Well, I can get 8 big slices out of it and I have to say that it does a great job in a pinch when I have to make supper during a week night when we're super busy.

This night that I made this Lasagna I also made a caesar salad and made some garlic bread - all on the super easy pre-made/pre-packaged kind, as I know me and I'm not going to want to make all the extras after putting in the time with the lasagna - I just want to get it done and eat it - and enjoy the time I have with my family over some good food!

Well, I don't know if it was something in the air or in the water, but I didn't stop there.  My hunny really wanted some Maritime Brown Bread as he can't get it out here on the west coast.  So we looked online to see if there were any stores...anywhere nearby that had it - nope.  Dempsters makes it, but nothing available... so being that we were out of luck to buy it pre-made, he found a recipe online to try.

The House of Simon had the recipe - THANK YOU!! and we put it together and baked it up and it turned out absolutely yummy!  I cut myself some big door step slices, but some butter on it... and as that melted into the warm bread I put some jam on it.... and wow!  That is all I have to say about that.  It is a great little recipe and if you have been to the Maritimes, or have someone in your life who just misses that sort of bread... try the recipe... you won't be disappointed.  I mean if I can do it, anyone can!

So between working, baking and cooking up a storm I've not had a heck of a lot of time for my crafts.  My polymer clay is in the cupboard and my paints are on a shelf... my jewelery making bits and pieces are also away in a closet. 

Its not that I don't want to get back into my creative mode it is just feeling really hectic... and I"ve been tired and a bit unwell over the past week.  That lovely cold/flu is going around work and school so we all got slammed with it.  Oh the good times!

I think fluffy kitteh knows were all not feeling so well because she's been very clingy.  Which I love... because I'm a softy and I love to smoosh my cat :).

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